A graduate raises her fist happily as she accepts her diploma from Dr. Aji Dixon

MHS seniors and parents:

There are several key items that need to be addressed as this school year comes to a close. Please read the following information and feel free to call with any questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your attention to these issues.

Graduation Dress Rehearsal

A 90-minute Graduation Dress Rehearsal will be held Thursday, May 25, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. in the Football Stadium. All graduates are to wear their cap and gown and appropriate graduation dress (see below) at the rehearsal if they want a cap and gown picture. A picture of the graduate in their cap and gown will be taken at this practice.

Graduation Tickets

Students will only receive graduation tickets if we have to move the commencement exercises in the building due to rain. If students are to receive tickets for graduation, they will receive them Thursday during graduation rehearsal. Only individuals with tickets will be permitted in the auditorium.  Babies are counted if we are in the auditorium, we will adhere to the fire code, which dictates that we only allow so many people into the auditorium.   

Each student will receive thirteen tickets for admittance to graduation if we have to have graduation in the auditorium.  

Tickets for graduation will be distributed May 25 at graduation rehearsal if we anticipate rain.

Many students send graduation announcements with personalized name cards—the name cards are not graduation tickets.

Graduation Time and Date

Graduation begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 27. Individuals will be allowed to enter the stadium beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Seniors should report to the commons for  senior line-up by 8:30 a.m. on graduation day.

Graduation Dress

Students participating in graduation are expected to dress appropriately for the occasion. Female seniors should wear a dress (color of your choice) with shoes or dress sandals (no plastic flip-flops). Seniors can only wear  wear khaki, navy, or black dress pants (no denim), matching (navy or black) socks, dark dress shoes, white shirt and dark colored tie, a dress with shoes or dress sandals (no plastic flip-flops). 

Seniors who are not dressed appropriately will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony. We want all of our graduating seniors to participate in the ceremony. Please contact the school if you are unable to provide the appropriate attire for your graduating senior.

Graduation Cap and Gowns

Announcements and other ordered materials: If your child has not picked up their graduation materials, Mrs. Wilson has these in her office. All students must have a current, non-decorated cap and gown to participate in graduation. 

Outstanding Fees

Some seniors have outstanding fees from previous years. Please check with Mrs. Holland if you have questions concerning any outstanding fees. Please be sure to turn in laptops, calculators, sports uniforms, band uniforms, and books to the front office. Please contact Mrs. Holland if your son or daughter owes any monies to the school. She will provide you a notice outlining the fees owed. Please direct any questions you may have to the book keeper, Mrs. Connie Holland at 276-403-5781.

Graduation Audience Etiquette 

 Graduation is a tremendous milestone in the lives of each of our students. We ask that the graduation audience hold their cheers and applause until after all of the names of the graduates have been called. This will ensure a dignified ceremony whereby every parent and family member will be able to hear the name of his or her student. Individuals will not be permitted to walk onto the field and we are asking everyone to please use the amount of Covid-19 safety precautions that you deem necessary in light of your personal/family situations.